Alga Care
Alga Care
35% seaweed extract concentrated liquid

Natural plant growth regulators auxins gibberlins cytokinins and betaines are found in 35% seaweed extract liquid. They play very import roles in cell division and the synthesis of protein, carbohydrate and chlorophyll. In addition these plant growth regulars have a huge positive impact on resistance against pests and disease through activating immune system. Alginic acid the major content of it stimulates actives of soil micro organisms, improves the water-holding capacity of soil, protects chemical fertilizers from leaching or locking up and helps the formation of crumb structure.

Guaranteed content(w/w)
Organic Matter90g/L
Soluble Dry Matter350g/L
Alginic Acid14g/L
Total N1.5g/L
Appearancebrownish liquid


200L/Barrel or customize.

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