Zero Increase of Using Chemical fertilizers in Hebei Province
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  The operation of “Zero Increase of Using Chemical fertilizers in Hebei Province” was held in leading Bio-agricultural Co., Ltd on July 31. Agricultural experts, heads of Agricultural departments from different cities of Hebei province, and leaders from Leading company attended the conference of this operations. 

  In the morning, all the attenders visited the experimental fields in Liushouying country, where the corns, gingers and rice were experimented on the microorganic fertilizers and contol release fertilizers from Leading Company. It showed that using “First&First” fertilizers from Leading company enables the plants grow stronger, greener, taller. Besides, it also saved almost half of fertilizers then common chemical fertilizers. 
  In the afternoon, the conference was held in the conference meeting room of Leading Company. The representatives and headers from agricultural departs reported their aims and actives in Zero Increase of Using Chemical fertilizers in Hebei Province.

  In the evening, all the attenders visited Leading Company.

  It’s a successful beneficial and significant operation on agriculture and its future development in Hebei Province.



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